Cas-Grape Organic Fertilizer
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The Cas-Grape is a 100% natural & organic fertilizer derived from aerobic composting MARC. It's used for rejuvenation and correction of problematic soils, boosting soil fertility for a long time. In healthy soils drastically improves the growth and longevity of plants.

The Cas-Grape is rich in organic matter (70% - 80%) and it has slightly acidic PH (PH≈6,7). It helps actively the plant substances that are under the bark of the plant that contribute to the defense and the threats from infection and pathogens. It strengthens the protection of plants against stress, protection from UV radiation and the plant substances which give the characteristic color to the various vegetables and fruits.

Organic Fertilizer - Cas-Grape

Results of Analysis

pH 6.77 Magnesium (Mg) 1.19 %
Electrical Contactivity 2.84 (mS/cm) Potassium (Κ) 2.03 %
Saturation (SP) 237,5 % Sodium (Na) 0.03 %
Moisture 46.04 % Ferrous (Fe) 6,050.0
Organic Matter 77.67 % Manganese (Mn) 99.5
Ash 22.33 % Zinc (Zn) 75.5
Total Nitrogen (N) 3.42 % Copper (Cu) 156.0
Carbon (C) 44.27 % Boron (B) 73.43
Carbon: Nitrogen (C:N) 12.94    
Phosphorus (P) 0.38 %    
Calcium (Ca) 2.58 %    

These results may show deviation ± 5%.


Recommended Dosage

  • Planters – Windows Boxes:
    30-40% Cas-Grape & 70% -60% soil
  • Vegetable - Row Crops:
    10lt Cas-Grape / 1m
  • Trees:
    50lt Cas-Grape / large tree
    25lt Cas-Grape / small tree
  • Major Crops:
    2.000lt - 3.000lt Cas-Grape / 1.000m2


Methods of Use

  1. Mix the soil with Cas-Grape (blend) on the proposed analogy, plant the plant and add water.
  2. Place Cas-Grape at the bottom of the pot or window box soil, supplemented with Cas-Grape and add water. (Ideal for pots and windows boxes already have).
  3. The use of Cas-Grape in large or nursery crops is recommended to be done 10-15 days before planting or when planting.

It doesn't contain peat. The peat extraction has significant and irreversible impact on the environment.